Little Babes Collection

Little Babes Collection

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All bundles come as described. Please leave a note at checkout if you would like your bundle complimentary gift wrapped

This bundle is the entire Little Babes Collection to help little people face everyday issues and health hurdles in their everyday lives.

Calm - helps promote the feeling of relaxation, grounding and helps children settle easier during new experiences/entering new environment.

Sleep - helps assist children in recognising that sleep in coming up in their routine while also placing them in a relaxed, peaceful manner ready for a good night’s sleep.

Teething - A beautiful blend for them poor little babes who are getting them nasty sore gums while their beautiful new teeth come through. This essential oil blend is one for the books; it helps support your little babe while soothing their sore gums, calming their nervous systems and promoting an overall wellness.

Breathe - helps promote unrestricted breathing by helping clear the nasal passages from all them yukky boogers. And helps unblock congestion chest to promote sound breathing.

Tummy - A beautiful blend for them poor little babes who may suffer from trapped wind in their little tummies, or those who may have trouble passing. Tummy is an aide to promote digestive wellbeing. 

Focus - A thoughtful mix of Peppermint and Sweet Orange to help motivate while adding Frankincense to help settle the mind and promote focus. A great combination to use when needing help to study, have something very important on or just feel like your Little Babe might need a helping hand to refocus their mind.

Immune - Little Babes immune blend helps support an healthy immune system while assisting in respiratory function that may be under threat by environmental triggers and pathogens. 

Warning: Not for oral consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas.

I am not a medical professional in any shape or form and highly recommend you consult with a trusted Doctor or health provider if you have concerns about using essential oils for you or your family.
Before use, patch test on skin to discover any sensitivity.