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About OAGR

Who are OAGR?
Hi Babes, my name is Cherylee; Chez for short.
And I'm addicted to essential oils. Truly addicted!
I'm a working Mum of three little babes and a wifey. My love for essential oils came from my eldest daughter being diagnosed with Asthma when she was 2. I wanted to do everything I could do to help her and moving to a more low tox life style was where I ended up. That's when oils became a household staple in our home and everyday lives.
I have great passion in sharing my love of oils with everyone in creating different blends that will help assist and strengthen your everyday lives. 
I am in no way a medical professional or do I ever claim to be. But i have researched every single oil in my collection and I do have a extensive knowledge and experience in what I'm bringing to you.
I truly am wanting to expose people to a different approach to their lifestyle, showing people something they may know nothing about and having a little fun along the way xo
What makes OAGR different? 
I'm a stand alone, lone wolf, no book to tell me what to do, no MLM business chick. I don't have a backing of thousands of people before me and I don't want you to join my team under me. But I do want you to join the OAGR community.
Our end goal is to be in your household, everyday. Helping with every little annoying issue to massive meltdowns to getting you a good night's rest. We're just your average friendly small business, trying to kick goals and do life.